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We invite ALL Radio Stations and DJ's to join our LinkedUp Network. We will place a Listing Display on our LinkedUp Station Network or LinkedUp DJ Community page. Nope, you don't have to use our LinkedUpRadio service, to get listed, but we encourage you to browse around and check us out! We currently promote ourselves thru all our existing clients, Google Ad Campaigns, and word of mouth. Our website currently generates heavy online traffic and exposure. Including daily leads from radio listeners, internet gurus, DJs, programmers, stations and more. We hope that our site can help your station or DJs presence grow with more online traffic and listeners too.  


If you have interest in Listing Your Station on our website, please fill out our Listing Request Form. It's not required at this time, but we would be thrilled if you placed a link visibly on your website with a link back to LinkedUpRadio.  Click Here to view available Ads. 


Sample Listing Display

LinkedUpRadio Online

Name: LinkedUpRadio
Call Letters: DEMO-FM
Format: Plays Everything
Location: Champaign, IL 61822

Phone: 217-607-0017


Streaming On:
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