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Custom Business Channels

Radio station websites need good, fresh content to compete with other radio stations, newspapers and TV stations. Listeners need a reason to visit your site and keep coming back!

Video helps with SEO so your station comes up higher in search results. Staffs are usually stretched and unable to devote the time to add fresh content and remove dated material. Because of that, interns are sometimes utilized but they have irregular schedules and may post things inappropriate to the audience. Because budgets are tight, costs must be kept low. There are many ways video channels can attract sponsors!
How we can help
Custom Business Channels is a company founded by radio people which provides channels of videos to radio stations, as well as other businesses.
Channels are appropriate for each station’s target demo and can be customized to suit its needs, including locally produced videos.
Channels are updated regularly, so Christmas and Valentine’s Day videos aren’t on your channel in March (as has been seen on some radio station sites).
Channels provide an additional revenue stream with many opportunities for sponsor tie-ins. They also show advertisers that radio is up to date and competitive with newer media. 
A sponsor name can be included on the player. 
Air personalities can visit sponsor locations and promote the videos to their listeners. You can now compete with TV by showing your audience products like cars and furniture.
Get your audience involved submitting videos, reviewing concerts at your local venues, submitting “cutest baby” videos, work with community organizations on drives to adopt pets, etc. Contests can be sponsored.
Channels are low cost and discounts are available for multiple channels in your group.

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