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LinkedUpRadio Testimonials Archives for 2012-03

"Where do I begin with the staff at Envisionwise / Linked up Radio? I started working with them back in 2008 and it has been probably the best decision my company has ever made. After looking at a couple different web companies, I picked Envisionwise from their previous work and professionalism. Little did I know, how knowledgeable and dedicated their staff was. From top to bottom, Envisionwise / Linked up Radio's entire staff is extremely talented in what they do. They're understanding, patient, entertaining and they are always willing to go the extra mile. If I had an idea for something, an idea with a budget of $-1, Jackie and her staff would IMMEDIATELY have an answer for me. If I needed a quick fix on the site due to a change in a client's heart - one quick email to the staff and it was done. Period. Not only that, but Envisionwise / Linked Up Radio is ever-changing and adapting to new technology with my radio station in mind. I cannot say enough how talented, dedicated, professional and knowledgeable the entire staff is at Envisionwise / Linked up Radio. I could never Envision a more wise company. They also appreciate puns." - Nate Mumford (Berkshire Broadcasting)

"Times demand a compelling web and social media presence - but the time to manage both is in short supply. That makes the kind of comprehensive and totally integrated Content Management System that Envisionwise has developed a great thing to have. It's easy to use, reliable and comes with features stations can use to promote their brand and attributes very effectively. Add to that a support staff that is responsive and committed to keeping the service the very best it can be and you have a resource that starts strong and keeps getting better." - Tom Starr (Program Director, Arjuna Broadcasting Corp.)




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